Nothing in the world is closer to us than our own brain. At the same time, nothing in the world is more mysterious than how this 3-pound organ can give rise to ourselves. At BrainSTEM, we believe that this dichotomy has intrinsic interest to people of all ages, and we are dedicated to developing the instructional tools to properly teach what science has discovered about the brain. By teaching about the brain, we hope that students learn not only the skills that they need to succeed in STEM fields, but also how their own minds works.

BrainSTEM is a multi-institutional program in the Texas Medical Center hosted by Rice University. Our mentors come from a variety of institutions and range from undergraduate students to full professors at prestigious universities. The program has several components.

BrainSTEM Core

During the school year, BrainSTEM mentors go every Thursday and take over two classes at KIPP Sunnyside High School.  Every week we are teaching approximately 45 students with a new lesson – these can range from dissecting sheep brains and learning anatomy, to coding neural networks that recognize objects, to doing experiments with diffusion gradients that simulate neurons. We approach neuroscience from every angle in order to best prepare students for STEM fields in the future.

BrainSTEM Lab Days

The BrainSTEM program has expertise in teaching neuroscience, and occasionally we are asked by schools and organizations to do activities for their students. If you are interested in having us present to your students, please contact us.